Winter Lips Savior | Herpecin L 30 Lip Protectant

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Winter is amongst us which means my lips are more chapped than usual. I am always on the search for a product that will moisturize and protect my lips without leaving a greasy residue. When  I heard of Herpecin L’s Lip Balm, I was immediately intrigued by the claims. It claims to provide REAL relief with REAL ingredients from cold sores, dry and chapped lips, as well as an SPF 30.

Herpecin L Lip Protectant

Let me start off by saying I seem to always have cracked and chapped lips. I feel like I’ve  used almost every lip balm on the planet, drugstore and high end, but I haven’t been extremely satisfied with my experiences. I am also super picky when it comes to anything skincare related, I don’t settle for average results.

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Primp Network. All thoughts are 100% my own.

Let’s learn more about this product and its ingredients.

Herpecin L Lip Protectant

It is a pharmacist recommended product that claims to provide fast acting relief and the ingredients include lysine, lemon balm, and vitamins B6, C, and E. This lip treatment is aimed to provide instant relief from cold sore symptoms and while protecting the lips with medication to speed recovery so you don’t suffer from cold sores for a  week or longer. The formula includes dimethicone that provides protection. The beauty of this product is that it can be used year round and it’s not only for cold sores. Another incredible fact about this product is that it is SO affordable. It costs less than $6 at Walmart!

My experiences with Herpecin  L?

Like I mentioned above, I was  immediately intrigued. My initial thought was, if this is designed to provide fast relief to cold sores surely it would be amazing for dry lips. I totally hyped it up in my mind and was worried it would be a letdown but the results were incredible! This product glides smoothly on the lips does not leave any sort of greasy or heavy feeling. It instantly does moisturize the lips and after the first use, I was instantly able to see the claims did hold value to the product.

Herpecin L Lip Protectant

I know there are certain stigmas around cold sores and herpes but I honestly don’t see it that sort of way. Cold sores are common, in fact over 50% of adults suffer from oral herpes (cold  sores). It’s nothing to be embarrassed about at all!

I’ve  been using this lip balm for almost two weeks now and have noticed such a difference with my incredibly dry and chapped  lips. It promotes healing without numbing or drying. It’s super affordable compared to other products on the market that claim to provide similar results.  Most importantly, IT WORKS. It protects the lips from cold sores and cracked  lips. It’s true winter savior!

Herpecin L Lip Protectant

You can check out this product and purchase it here.


Lysine is supposed to be good for healing! And the SPF 30 sunscreen is huge!!

  • Sounds a Great product just what I need
    I find my lips become too used to one particular brand over prolonged time. A blessing now I shall try something new

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