My Laser Hair Removal Experience

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My laser hair removal journey began a couple years ago and over time I have gotten my laser treatments done on my under arms, upper lip, chin, full arms and legs, and brazilian area. I have quite a bit of body hair and used to rely on waxing up into my early twenties and then switched to shaving. I reached a point where I looked into other hair removal options and after hearing laser hair removal experiences from family and friends and decided to give laser hair removal a go! I'm sharing my experience on how laser hair removal worked for me 

Where I Went + Initial Consultation for Laser Hair Removal

I booked all my laser hair removal services at Kentucky Laser Hair Removal in Lexington, Kentucky. I knew some friends and family who went there and made a consultation appointment with a laser technician before scheduling any actual appointments to get laser services done. I wanted to make sure I knew what to expect with laser hair removal treatments, especially since I planned to start off with getting areas on my face done first. Some of the questions I asked were related to:

laser hair removal
  • pain levels and if they let out bursts of cold air simultaneously with the laser (a couple friends told me this helps with the lessening of pain)
  • specific skincare regime I need to follow right after my laser treatment
  • if my darker skin will have risk of hyperpigmentation
  • if a certain area was a good candidate for laser hair removal 
  • is laser treatment hair removal permanent
  • what they recommended between a six and twelve sessions

Most of the answers to these questions depend on person to person and your own skin + hair type so I encourage you to ask any questions you have to your personal technician if you ever get laser hair removal done.

I was told certain skin tones can be at risk of more hyperpigmentation and was a bit hesitant in the beginning to get laser hair removal on my face but felt comfortable enough to book an appointment the same week to begin treatments on my upper lip and underarms. 

My Experience with Laser Treatments

From the conversations we had and what my budget looked like, I went with six laser sessions for each part of my body I got treated.

The first two areas I started laser treatments with are my upper lip and underarms. I noticed a decrease in hair growth after the first session and a continued decrease as each session went on.

laser hair removal

I was pleased with the results and went on to sign up for six laser hair removal sessions for full arms, full legs, chin, and brazillian. I was pleased with the results for each area I got treated.

Each session of mine was booked 6-8 weeks apart depending on the area being treated. I asked how to prep before and after for each session and was told to shave the area being treated at least 24 hours prior to the appointment.

I wore a tank top for appointments when I got my full arms and underarms treated and shorts when I got my full legs done. Brazilian of course, I did take off everything waist down. The technician had a sheet for me to cover myself with and protective eyewear to wear during sessions. Post sessions I was given aloe vera to apply to skin and was told not to go to the gym and be careful with sun exposure for at least 24 hours. I also applied aloe vera at home - this is the gel I use.

I did get some pigmentation after a session on my inner thighs but it eventually went away. That’s the only hyperpigmentation I noticed from all my laser treatments but again, everyone’s experience is different. As for the pain, I was surprised at how I didn’t feel much pain in most sessions. There were a few times I found the sessions a bit painful but not to the point where I ever asked for a break and these were usually in sessions when they increased the level of the laser treatment. The best way I can think of describing the pain is how my technician described it, someone snapping a rubber band on your skin.

Each session lasted anywhere from 10-45 minutes for me depending on the areas I was having treatment for. I got my full legs and arms done at the same time so those sessions took the longest whereas the times I got my arms and underarms done at once took the least amount of time.

My hair regrows back in every area but there is a vast difference in how much growth there is now compared to hair growth prior to laser treatments. I don’t shave as frequently as I used to and when I do, the amount of time it takes is cut in half. 

laser hair removal

One thing that’s important is that everyone’s skin type and hair growth is different and hormones can play a role in how hair regrows. Everyone’s experience will be different and if you plan on getting laser hair removal done, I encourage asking any and all questions you have during the initial consultation.

I personally do plan on getting touch up sessions in the future but for now I’m pleased with the results from the six sessions I got in every area. Have you gotten laser hair removal done before?

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