Live Tinted Huesticks - Meet these Clean, Vegan Multisticks

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I’ve grown to love multipurpose makeup products over the last few years. Being able to use a single product for multiple steps in a makeup look is so convenient, and multipurpose beauty products are travel friendly and wallet friendly. I find myself packing fewer makeup products when I travel with multipurpose products, and my bank account is happier when I buy a single product that serves as a blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick rather than buying three separate products for those purposes.

Live Tinted Huesticks

I was super excited when Live Tinted launched their first multipurpose makeup product, Huestick. Not only is Huestick a multipurpose makeup product, it’s a clean, vegan, and cruelty free multipurpose makeup product! Keep reading to learn more about Live Tinted Huesticks and to see why I enjoy having them in my makeup collection.

Live Tinted

If you’re not familiar with Live Tinted, let me share a quick introduction to the brand. Live Tinted was founded by South-Asian beauty entrepreneur and businesswoman, Deepica Mutyala. Live Tinted started as an inclusive and diverse community to shine light on their community’s stories. It’s so amazing to be a part of a space where we can learn and celebrate those stories!

Live Tinted Huesticks swatches

Then came their first product launch, Huestick, a creamy multistick with skin loving ingredients. I remember thinking how perfect this launch was with the shade Origin, since Deepica’s viral makeup hack was using a red lipstick to help conceal under eye circles. You can learn more about Live Tinted here.

Live Tinted Huestick

Like I mentioned above, Huestick is a creamy multistick that can be used for eyes, lips, and cheeks! Some of the shades also work well as color correctors to balance out dark circles and dark spots. Live Tinted Huesticks have a demi matte finish and are easy to blend out if you’re using them on the eyes, cheeks, and as color correctors. Huesticks are $24 and each contains 0.1oz of product. 

Live Tinted Huestick

I love the signature copper packaging of Live Tinted products and appreciate Huesticks being twistable, making applying makeup super easy! Live Tinted Huesticks are formulated with skin loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid (for hydration), squalane (highly effective antioxidant), Vitamin C (helps visibly brighten dark spots over time), and Vitamin E (antioxidant that softens and moisturizes skin). Huesticks are vegan, cruelty free, and made in the USA.

My Thoughts on Live Tinted Huesticks

I purchased several shades of Live Tinted Huesticks over the years and currently have 8 shades in my makeup collection, each of which I swatched below. PS: I apologize for the low quality lip swatches, I thought I took photos of each when I filmed my Huestick Lip Swatches TikTok but I didn’t, so I ended up screenshotting each shade.

Live Tinted Huesticks lip swatches

As someone who enjoys makeup products with a cream formula, I love having Huesticks in my collection. Live Tinted Huesticks are easy to blend on my combination skin and the formula works really well for how sensitive my skin is.

The shades Origin (orangey red) and Rise (terra cotta) are two of my go to Huesticks for color correcting. I use both shades on areas of my face that have acne scars or any type of dark spots and hyperpigmentation I’m trying to cover. I’ll do a swipe of the Huestick on the area I want to balance out, blend it out with my finger or a small brush, and then apply foundation or concealer on top.

Live Tinted Huesticks

For blush, I really like shades Intent (warm rose) and Free (bright berry), they’re super pretty. I use a similar method of application, a few swipes on the cheeks and blend it with my fingers.

I do the same method of application when I use Huesticks on my eyes - they work so well as a base and are super pretty to wear alone! Perk is a really pretty peachy pink shade that I like to wear all over my lid. Change is a super pretty copper shimmer I like to use as often as well!

live tinted huestick

As for the lips, my go to is the Huestick shade, Intent. Intent is a warm rose and it’s one of my go to Huesticks as an everyday lip color! I also really love using Free (bright berry), Purpose (deep plum), and Origin as a lip color - these shades are right up my alley and instantly make me smile.

Have you tried Live Tinted Huesticks? You can check out the entire shade range here!

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