Getting Ready for Valentine's Day - Single Woman Edition

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Valentine’s Day is often a time where people who are in relationships feel extra loved and cherished, while those who are single can sometimes feel left out or lonely. I used to feel left out and lonely as a single woman but learned to shift my mindset over the years.

valentine's day get ready with me

Through this shift in mindset, I have been more comfortable than ever being single and don’t associate Valentine’s Day with lonely feelings like I used to. Instead, Valentine’s Day for me is a day to take moments to make time for myself - whether that’s by having an at home spa moment, treating myself to something special, etc - the possibilities are endless!

I like to focus on a few specific activities that I enjoy and also act as self care moments. I’m someone who enjoys my alone time. Partly is because I’m an introvert but I’m also a huge homebody. I appreciate any time I can set aside for myself, especially when I can take some time for self care. Below I’m sharing a few things I’ll be getting ready for Valentine’s Day with.

Sparkletini by Verdi

(21+) Nothing like a good bottle of bubbly to kick off getting ready for Valentine’s Day! Sparkletini by Verdi is a line of naturally fruit flavored Italian spumantes and includes a number of flavors like Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Green Apple. The flavor is semi-sweet and perfect to drink on its own or add to mimosas or cocktails. 

strawberry sparkletini

I’m enjoying Strawberry Sparkletini this year. I love the resealable cork feature - it keeps the bubbly fresh for up to 7 days! Visit the Verdi website to find a retailer closest to you to purchase Sparkletini.

Tree Hut Bare Tahitian Vanilla Bean Moisturizing Shave Oil

Self care for me often includes a good skincare moment. Tree Hut creates incredible products and doesn’t skip on the good ingredients. I use Tree Hut body scrubs often but their shave oil is new to me. 

tree hut tahitian vanilla bean shave oil

This Tree Hut shave oil is a unique gel to oil formula and allows for such a smooth glide! It works really well with my skin and I love the Vanilla Bean scent and how it leaves my skin moisturized. This shave oil is formulated with a blend of coconut oil and sun-soaked Tahitian Tiare Flowers which helps moisturize skin and improve skin elasticity. Check out the Tree Hut Shave Oil here.

Beauty Products at Walmart - Valentine's Day Gift Guides

Walmart has amazing picks to treat yourself, your special someone, or even a friend for Valentine’s Day - check out their Valentine’s Day picks here. They also have helpful gift guides on their website: you can find the best beauty gifts at Walmart here and their fashion gift guide at here.

walmart beauty ariana grande sweet like candy perfume

The Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Perfume is a fresh, fruity, and sweet scent and the packaging is absolutely stunning. It would make a memorable gift - check it out at Walmart here. Another beauty product at Walmart that would make an incredible gift is the Julep Beauty Mask Trio.

julep beauty triple quench mask

This Julep mask trio provides an indulgent at-home spa moment to get glowing skin. These sheet masks come with a 3 step system - an essence ampoule gel to prep skin for maximum moisture absorption, sheet mask to deeply hydrate skin, and a sleeping pack to seal in the hydration. Shop the Julep Mask Trio at Walmart here.

getting ready for valentine's day

How are you prepping for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!

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