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I squealed with joy when I found out one of my go to hair accessory brands was releasing a collection with BT21. Kitsch meets BT21 with their new Flower and Friends with BT21 collection. This limited edition collection features retro style hair accessories that surely will brighten your day.

bt21 x kitsch flower and friends with bt21

Kitsch did send me the entire BT21 x Kitsch collection as we partnered to share the launch on social media, you can see the partnership here! As a fan of the brand as well as a fan of BTS, I wanted to share more deets + a closer look of this limited edition collection here.

BT21 Meets Kitsch - A Look at the Collection

The BT21 x Kitsch collection features satin pillowcases, satin hair scrunchies, and a heatless curling set in the fun, vibrant BT21 UNIVERSTAR designs.

BT21 x Kitsch Satin Pillowcases

Kitsch satin pillowcases stay cool all night and help tame frizz and reduce breakage by creating less friction when sleeping. They also help reduce breakage by absorbing less moisture and dirt and helps prevent facial creases from sleeping.

There are 8 satin pillowcases available in this collection, each pillowcase is double sided. One side of the pillowcase has a BT21 character while the other side has a design with all 8 characters. The second side is the same on all 8 pillowcases and these pillowcases are available in a standard/queen size (pictured in this post) as well as king size.

BT21 x Kitsch Satin Sleep Scrunchies

This four piece set includes satin scrunchies in four floral prints with BT21 characters. The silky satin is gentle on hair and protects hair from tangles, tugging, and frizz.

The four scrunchies have a BT21 floral print on white, orange, blue, and black scrunchies. 

BT21 x Kitsch Heatless Curling Set

Achieve voluminous curls and waves with the Kitsch Heatless Curling Set! The design of the satin curling rod is blue with the floral BT21 characters print and the set comes with 2 plain blue satin scrunchies.

bt21 kitsch satin heatless curling set

This heatless curling set makes effortless curls easy and is gentle on hair.

BT21 Meets Kitsch - Where to Find the Collection

This collection is limited edition and according to the Kitsch , once it sells out, it’s gone for good.

Happy shopping!

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