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About Priyanka

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In this digital corner, not only will you find your new favorite way to self care, but you will also find skincare tips, makeup swatches, and product recommendations that are geared towards sensitive, combination, and medium skin with golden undertones.
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I'm Priyanka, founder of Feel Pretty with Pri. I started my journey as a blogger in 2014 when I moved from California to Kentucky. I was fresh into exploring makeup and skincare and began my journey as a digital creator as a way to share my experience with beauty products.
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You'll find beauty reviews that are medium skin friendly, makeup swatches of tons of incredible products, and skincare recommendations geared towards sensitive, combination skin here in my digital corner.

I also strive to share ways to self care for the busy individual and ways to stay healthy without compromising the foods you love.
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Reading psychological thrillers + personal development books, watching K Dramas, crime shows, and all things Marvel Harry Potter, trying new foods, and traveling are a few things I like to do during my free time.

You can catch these adventures on my Instagram stories @feelprettywithpri.

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When I first started building my makeup collection, I found it difficult finding products that catered to medium complexions similar to mine. It was hard to find brands that made inclusivity a priority and still is to an extent. I found myself often thinking that finding a foundation shade with the right undertone shouldn't be this difficult.

It was frustrating not seeing someone similar to my complexion not be represented in beauty campaigns. That nude lipstick looks gorgeous on the model with fair complexion but how would it look on someone with a deeper skin tone like mine?

For over 7 years I have tried and tested makeup from countless beauty brands and strive to make it easier for you to build a beauty routine that caters to your needs. Reviews, swatches, wear tests, and more - my hope is that you'll find all the content from Feel Pretty with Pri useful when contemplating your next beauty purchase.
For general inquiries and partnerships, please send an email to feelprettywithpri@gmail.com
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